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     Sophie Hughes

My work roams the boundaries between the known and the unknown. Looking through spiritual and scientific lenses, I focus on relationships between humans and the more-than-human world, from the micro to the vegetal to the cosmic.

In the heart, the queue and the whale, a series of illustrated poetry and rupture, a film, I have mapped thought experiments that form urban landscapes. In these works, the city takes the form of a hybridised body with guttural functions, rhythms and tides. Collective receptacles for grief and hope occur in the form of a whale in the river and a five-mile-long queue of mourning, which rupture the urban trance and open space for intraconnection.

Please begin by scrolling down through the heart, the queue and the whale. When you have finished, please take a deep breath and continue on to watch the film, rupture.

    the heart, the queue and the whale


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