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Tina Ribarits

Electric Entity [Pelican] - online version - is a hybrid being. A first-person, interactive environment, a space to walk through, a staged encounter with a multi-corporal entity, a room for human animals to think about non-human animals in the 21st century.

This site is designed for Desktop browsers - if you are on a mobile device, you can watch a video walkthrough here.

Experiencing the sensation of movement while sitting still, stumbling upon boundaries and barriers. Animacy is inverted, as are the images that find their way back to you. Flawless digitally generated space lays bare raw footage. Allow yourself to be complicated among the many modes of existence, trapped in the human representational machine. A bodiless spectator complicit in a regime of capture.

This online version of Electric Entity [Pelican] is the translation of a physical art installation in the realm of the virtual and its subsequent mutation. It retraces the image worlds of those beings we awkwardly call animals' (Morton, 2019) - those joyfully multiplying in the form of digital proxies, and those, whose fleshly bodies are either rapidly decreasing in numbers or have already disappeared for good.

CLICK to begin. Use the CURSOR to look around 360°, use the keys W, A, S, D to move in the room, press ESC to exit.

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